We believe that how we do our business is just as important as what we do. By running our operations well and investing in local communities, we strive to earn the trust of our clients and the communities we serve and build an organisation that everyone is proud to work for.

We believe the state of the community and environment we operate in have direct consequences to the health of our business. Due to this, we are guided in all operations and business decision not only by financial decisions but also by the impact of our actions on our stakeholders - be they our customers, partners, employees or the community at large.

Our ability to identify and contribute to social. ethical and environmental developments is instrumental to our ongoing progress as a holistic organisation and responsible corporate citizen.

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Along with our subsidiaries, we have a tradition of investing in communities by contributing to the economic development of the society, supporting worthy causes, providing financial aid to the underprivileged as well as supporting the attainment of sound education among the marginalised children. We have been promoting an ethical, caring society through a better understanding and practice of the tenets of Islam.

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Based on the principles of Shariah and Islamic sense of responsibility, we have been advocating responsible and ethical practices in our dealing with customers, ensuring their trust. By intensifying our stakeholders engagement while also extending access to financial products and services as well as providing finance responsibly, we help drive economic development and enhance the nation's Islamic financial industry.

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Our emphasis on the people and values ensures that we appreciate your unique perspective and will always be on hand to nurture your various strengths, empowering you to do the right thing and act with integrity. By sharing our passion for doing good, we reflect the best aspects of the organisation's heritage thus allowing us to meet the expectations of the society and our stakeholders.

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We believe each and everyone of us including corporations have a responsibility towards minimising as far as possible our use of natural resources, to avoid waste and reducing the direct impact of our operations on the environment. We ensure long-term sustainable development through responsible management of environmental and social risks in addition to ongoing conservation efforts.

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